Lew & Dowski Capital presents a lucrative open-ended boutique investment funds based around proprietary

models of the supply and demand on the secondary ticket market. These algorithms allow for L&D to predict the

exact landscape (price, quantity) of the security and extract out all of the value in the option. L&D has a competitive

advantage because the data on the secondary exchange is temporary and not stored publicly, and instead aggregated

and analyzed by L&D. Seen on the example investment cycle below, the generated algorithms can predict the price

and volume of the security well enough to make a confident investment. In a risk-averse and un-monitored market,

coupled with the necessary capital, this yields a huge advantage and a distinct investment opportunity.

L&D’s fund has offered greater than a 20% ROI on a 1-year liquid window for over three years. Investments are primary

sought in February but investors are targeted again in August. A typical cycle for a ticket can be seen below, where this is

an example of a high-performing security. As with any fund, there are winners and losers and the diversity of the fund

ensures that any poor securities will not outweigh medium to high-performing securities. The fund cycle opens with

investments into bulk tickets that have a limited volume available and require exclusive access (red). All remaining

investments are done directly through the secondary market, not to be confused with ticket scalping, such as when prices

decrease when volume spikes, leading to brief, yet unlimited investment opportunities (red). The fund closes near the end

of the year after the option on both investments have been fully exercised (green). Depending on the investments of

choice made by L&D, this timeline can be shortened, shifted, or even reversed (to short the security). Lower-risk

investments can continue throughout the year as the models begin to predict the horizon with more confidence.

The managing partner is heavily invested himself and L&D is accepting investment by others into the fund in February

2015. Interested parties should request more detailed statements and projections and an Investment Agreement. Fund

inclusion will commence upon signage and a check payment to Lew & Dowski, LLC. L&D is a simple LLC registered

as an investment club that intakes voluntary investment and then makes non-guaranteed distributions based on internal success metrics.

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